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Pump Service and Repair

What happens if my pump quits on a weekend or after hours?

We offer 24-hour emergency pump and well service.

We have 3 trucks and 5 professional service technicians that can quickly response to your after hour emergency.

For after all calls, we will work with you to determine if an after hours service call is required or if the service can wait until regular working hours.

No-water calls are our highest priority and are scheduled as quickly as possible.

For after hours service, please call (208) 733-1240 and follow the instructions to be connected to our on-call service technician.

If my pump is bad, how much will it cost to replace it?

There are a number of variables that will impact cost.

In addition to the pump and the electric motor itself, the pipe to the pump may be rusted out and the wiring may be in poor shape.

Control boxes and pressure switches may also need replacing.

We will do everything we can to diagnose the problem without pulling the pump.

If we do have to pull the pump, we will inspect the entire system and give you options and recommendations.

Floyd Lilly can always give you a “worst case” estimate for replacing the entire system.  

For pump replacement estimates and diagnosis, please give us a call. (208) 733-1240 

If I get a new pump, how long should it last?

The life of a pump will depend on the following:

-Quality of pump

-Depth from which it is pumping

-Amount of use

-Number of cycles

With normal use, a 1.5 HP pump in a 200 foot well will last about 10 years on average.  

Some pumps last five years and some last 25 years. 

What kind of warranty does Floyd Lilly offer and what does it cover?

On a standard installation, we warrany new pumps and tanks for 5 years from the installation date.  We also warranity our labor for 1 year from the installation date.

We warranity variable speed drives for 3 years from the installaion date.

If your pump quits or is not working propertly due to a mechanical malfunction within the warranty period, we will replace the pump along with the labor at no cost to you.

We do ask that you call us immediately if your pump is not working properly so we can diagnose the problem as quickly as possible.

We also keep in-depth records for all pumps we have installed for the last 40 years.

Call us toady: (208) 733-1240

What are some of the issues that could cause my pump to stop working?

There are a number of issues that could cause pump failure to include:

-Faulty pressure switch

-Wiring issue

-Pump’s mechanical issue

-Faulty pump motor

Wiring and pressure switch issues are relatively easy and inexpensive fixes. This can be done without pulling the pump.

If the pump or pump motor fails, it will require pulling the pump with a specialized service truck.

We have the specialized trucks and professional technicians needed to diagnose and fix any pump or well issue.  Call us today! (208) 733-1240

What causes my pump to keep turning on and off - cycling?

-Pressure tank is low on air

-Waterlogged pressure tank needing replaced

-A hole in the water pipe in your well

-Faulty pressure switch

What if my pump does not shut off?

If your pump is providing water but just at a lower pressure, you could have a leak in the pump or somewhere in your water line system.

If you have a shut off valve at the pump, you can shut it off and see if the pump continutes to run after builidng pressure. 

If the pump shuts off; you probably have a leak in your water system after the pump.

How do I tell if my pump is putting out the correct amount of water?

You can take a 5-gallon bucket and time how long it take to fill up to determine the gallons per minutes your pump is putting out.

It is best to do this at an outdoor faucet with a short hose and as few restrictions as possible.

The gallons per mintue will depend upon pipe size, size of pump, depth of well and a nubmer of other factors.

A 1.5 horsepower pump located at a depth of 200 feet with a 1.25 inch pipe will put out about 20 gallons per minute.

Floyd Lilly keeps this information on file for all pumps we have installed over the last 40 years. 

How do I tell if my water quality is safe for drinking?

If there is any question as to the safety of your well or drinking water, you should immediately have it tested.

Floyd Lilly is a qualified water inspection company.

We will come take a water sample and have it analyzed by a certified local laboratory.

We can usually get water testing results within a week. Expedited results are available. 

For water testing services, call us today! (208) 733-1240

More information on water quality can be found by visiting the State of Idaho’s Department of Environmental Quality website found here:


What is your service area?

Twin Falls





















Owyhee – Eastern

Three Creek

Salmon Dam Area

What forms of payment do you accept?

We prefer check or cash but we accept most credit cards as well.

Service work payment is due upon completion.

Do you ship products and parts?

Yes, we are happy to ship you the products and parts you need.

Must be paid for prior to shipping.

Special orders are subject to a restocking fee.

What are your hours?

Monday through Friday

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

24-Hour emergency service availabe.

Call us toady: (208) 733-1240

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