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Well Pipe Repair

Well pipe repair job in Filer, ID.

The coupling rusted out and caused pump system failure.

This is why we use special tape on all pipe and fittings that are below water. The tape extends the life of the pipe which reduces strain on the pump. We use tape on all jobs as is our standard practice.

We do well repair the right way!

Floyd Lilly Company (208) 733-1240

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Well pipe repair

Pressure Switch Replacement

Pressure switch replacement.

Pressure switch and pressure tank replacement on a no-water call this weekend in Twin Falls.

A bad tank caused the pressure switch to fragment and the system to fail.

We quickly diagnosed the problem, fixed the issues and got the customer water!

We offer 24-hour emergency well pump service in Twin Falls, Jerome and the entire Magic Valley.

Give us a shout! (208) 733-1240

Water Tanks

Ace Roto Mold Tanks

Are you searching for quality water tanks?

Maybe you need a storage tank, cistern, potable or livestock watering tank.

We carry a large water tank selection with sizes ranging from 10 – 15,500 gallon capacities.

These awesome poly water tanks can be used indoors, outdoors, above or below ground.

They come in a wide variety of designs, options and sizes.

Let us show you why we are the Magic Valley’s tank experts!

Floyd Lilly Company (208) 733-1240

Check out our entire tank selection, HERE!

Ace Roto Mold product catalog, HERE!

Shop local, buy local. Proudly located in Twin Falls, ID, USA.

Serving Twin Falls, Jerome, Burley, and the entire Magic Valley!

Pump Service Kimberly ID

This pump service job was located North of Kimberly ID.

After we diagnosed the problem, we pulled the well pump which we determined needed replacement.

After we installed a new pump, we checked the pressure tank and pressure switch to ensure the entire well system was running effectively.

At every pump service job we do everything we can to save you money. This is done by trying to fix the problem without pulling the pump.

When the well pump, pipe or wiring goes bad, we have no choice but to pull it out of the well.

We are always happy to show you what we are doing and why we have to do it.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

If you need pump service or well repair in Kimberly, Twin Falls, Jerome or anywhere in the Magic Valley, give us a call. (208) 733-1240

We are the pump service experts that make getting water EASY!

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Irrigation Pumps

irrigation pumps twin falls

Are you looking for awesome irrigation pumps?

We have the Magic Valley’s top water pumps!

  • New Irrigation pumps
  • Irrigation pump repair & service
  • Ditch pumps
  • Booster pumps
  • Sprinkler pumps
  • 1/2 – 20 HP available
  • Large, in-stock selection
  • Warranties serviced in-house!
  • System design & engineering
  • Custom options available
  • Fittings, pipe, valves & connectors
  • Water line trenching & install
  • and more!

Pump specials going on now!

  • 1 HP starting at $325
  • 1.5 HP starting at $375
  • 2 HP starting at $475

***Let us show you why these pumps are superior!

Irrigation Pumps | Floyd Lilly Company | Twin Falls, ID

Call the pump experts who help you get the job done right! (208) 733-1240

Floyd Lilly Company
353 3rd Ave S
Twin Falls, ID 83301


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We also love serving our neighbors in Twin Falls, Jerome, Buhl, Castleford, Filer, Hansen, Hollister, Kimberly, Murtaugh, Rogerson, Roseworth, Three Creek, Eden, Hazelton, Deitrich, Richfield, Shoshone, Bliss, Hagerman, Wendell, Gooding, Burley, Rupert, Wood River and all of the Magic Valley.

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